“My mate bet me £100 and a meal out that I couldn’t get under 14 stone in 5 months”

“My mate bet me £100 and a meal out that I couldn’t get under 14 stone in 5 months”

This guy is a slacker when it comes to writing me testimonials. But when it comes to smashing it in the gym and losing weight, he’s no slacker!

Losing weight to win a bet with his mate was a new one for me! To win, he had to consistently lose more than 1kg per week to achieve his goal. For a guy that loves his food and his beer it was going to be a tough 5 months, so I wrote him out a program and educated him on nutrition and he did absolutely everything I suggested he should do.

The week before the big weigh-in I got him measured up in the gym. He had lost 13.5kg, a massive 14 inches off his abdomen, and looked incredible for it! But we were a few pounds short of his goal. He had a few days left but I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve to lose excess water weight he was carrying.

The morning of the deadline he sent me this picture:



I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Not because he had won the bet, but just from how far he’d come. After his first session, he was looking a little green after training some basic movement patterns. More recently he’s been performing the Olympic lifts, using heavy weights and performing speed, agility, and plyometric drills alongside some conditioning to improve his fitness for basketball. I’m training him like an athlete!

Hats off to you buddy! It’s an awesome achievement.

Sam Austin

Exercise Specialist