Two years ago, after many years of stomach problems, my specialist told me that I must have a large part of my colon removed. I wanted to have this done by ‘keyhole’ surgery as the recovery time is about 3 months shorter and the scars are almost non existent. To make this kind of surgery an option I was told that I must loose at least one stone in weight and if I achieved this then the chances of the surgeon having to convert to the conventional open surgery would be a lot less. As open surgery often leaves the patient with a six inch scar, a need for repeat surgery and a colostomy bag I was anxious to lose the weight and quickly. There was the added risk factor that patients sometimes die during or after the operation.

I contacted Jason to discuss the matter with him. I went to the gym and worked with him and a personal trainer for 4 hours a day for 6 days during the first two weeks and for an hour a day for the following two weeks. During this time I followed a personal diet plan given to me by Jason. By the end of the three week period I had lost well over the one stone required and I was physically very fit.
I had the operation the following week. Because of complications the procedure took nearly six hours instead of two hours, my condition was much worse than the tests had showed. As I was lean and very fit I survived the surgery although the specialist said that I had nearly died. The procedure had been carried out by ‘keyhole” despite the complications. My surgeon’s opinion was that I would not have been able to survive the surgery and the complications if I had not become so fit.

When I say that Jason saved my life I am not speaking in jest. I will always be very grateful both to him and his expert team. I have not the slightest reservation in recommending Jason & his team. This changed my life and I now enjoy the view of the Mountains each and every day.