Motivation; why am I struggling to stay on track?

So you have recently started exercising and made good progress in the first few months but now feel as if you have hit a brick wall. This is a common issue people face as they start to exercise and is often closely followed by a drop in motivation.

The best way to maintain a high level of motivation is to set yourself goals. When setting goals applying the ‘SMART’ principal to these will give your training the positive direction it needs as well as ensuring you get the most out of your training.

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This will mean that your goal is;

  • Specific – Make sure the goals you set are precise! For example, instead of setting yourself the goal to lose weight, set yourself the goal of losing 5kg in the next 6 weeks.
  • Measurable – Make sure the goal you are setting has a variable that can be measured, this will allow you to determine when you have completed the goal. For example, in relation to the weight loss goal, you can measure your weight loss to know you have achieved your goal.
  •  Achievable – One common mistake people make when setting a goal is that they set themselves a goal that is unattainable. For example, setting yourself the goal of losing 12 kg in 4 weeks is unrealistic, so don’t set yourself up to fail. Set yourself a goal that is challenging but achievable as this will help to keep you motivated and driven.
  •  Relevant – Make sure the goals you set are important to you. If you set yourself a goal that you have no personal interest in, it is likely you’ll struggle to be motivated to achieve your goal.
  •  Time-related – Give your goals a time frame. Again, this will allow you to determine when you have achieved your goal and also keep you motivated as you know the clock is ticking on you to achieve your goal.

Applying these simple principles to your goals should help to keep you motivated and on track, track your progress and acknowledge the small improvements you are making week by week on the way to your bigger end goal.

Top tips to maintain motivation:

  • Use a log book to track your workouts, this will allow you to see your week by week progress.
  • Check your progress at regular intervals, for example if losing weight is your goal then check your weight at regular intervals to ensure you are making progress. Checking your progress also gives you the chance to re-evaluate your training if you’re not making the progress you want.
  • Finally and most importantly, do things you enjoy!

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