How did you spend the evening of the London Olympics? I spent it recovering from surgery on both knees.  The following year to the day I had more surgery on my knees.  Exercise was non existent. I had been pretty active – tennis/dancing.  There was no exercise for nearly 2 years and then to top it all due to my poor posture as I compensated for sore knees 2 of my discs in my back bulged which resulted in various procedures.  Things were not looking good for me.  Every time I went any where with my family this question arose – ‘do you think you’ll be able to walk that far?’ inevitably the answer was ‘probably not’ so everything became limited.  As a consequence of inactivity I put on weight.


In May 2016 I decided to try yet another diet so 3 weeks later I jumped on the scales full of expectation to my horror I had put on weight and was now the heaviest I had ever been in my life.  I spent the morning in tears and then the ‘light bulb moment’ hit me.  A couple of friends were members of the Better Body Shop in Sevenoaks and only had good things to say about it so I filled in an online application. Enough was enough I had to do something.  I was still youngish, this was going to be for me, not to please someone else, not to prepare for an event to look nice in photos but for me.  I shortly received a call and booked in for a chat during which we discussed what I wanted to get by joining BBS. I signed up for a 10/11 Personal Training package with the aims being weight loss and getting my fitness back.  I was allocated Joe Birch as my trainer.


11 days later from the ‘light bulb moment I started my first session it was my birthday, this was my present to me.  I felt very nervous, very unfit and very out of shape. Joe was very reassuring and welcoming. We were going to work together twice a week for 5/6 weeks. Joe has been fantastic.  I really enjoy working with him. He has pushed me, encouraged me and helped me to achieve great results.  We have a laugh together even when I get brain freeze during boxing sessions and can’t remember any of the instructions.  Joe often says ‘enjoy it’ just as I start a 40 second plank or something that seems impossible – initially I thought he was mad but now I see why, the satisfaction of completing these tasks is truly enjoyable! Joe devised a programme for me and we have worked at it together – me doing the work and Joe cheering me on. I have just finished my training package.  I have pushed, pulled, punched, planked and puffed, with Joe constantly encouraging.  I am so proud of myself and what I have achieved with Joe so I have signed up for another 10/11 Personal training package. This time I am going to work with Joe once a week and he has devised a programme based on what we have been doing in our sessions for me to do by myself at the Better Body Shop once week.


Kate Moss said that nothing tasted as good as skinny felt – well she was totally wrong.  Nothing feels as good as personal achievement!