With my 26th birthday looming, I took a step back and assessed my life. I was overweight, stuck in a dead-end job and still living at home with my parents. I decided enough was enough and it was time to finally do something I had considered doing many times, but never had the courage to do, apply to join the police force.

One part of the application is the fitness test in which I would need to obtain a 5.4 in a bleep test.  Now some people think that is quite an easy feat, but I got breathless running for more than 30 seconds. It seemed almost impossible. My Mum and Dad had been members of the Better Body Group for a while and were constantly trying to get me down there to sort out my weight and fitness but I always said “another day, another time.” The idea of the bleep test helped me realise that now might be the time as I had absolutely no idea how to get myself up to scratch in time. It was clear I needed some help!

I signed up to a 6 week transformation and I was definitely transformed! We focused on my fitness first and foremost doing regular cardio and improving my upper body strength as my arms were useless and certainly wouldn’t be able to restrain any criminals! I also wanted more definition and toning all over. My trainer, Elly, kept really good tabs on me, texting and checking I was eating the right things, constantly motivating me during sessions and pushing me to go that extra bit harder and further.

I was so transformed in fact, that the girl who preferred gin over the gym, shots over squats and kebabs over abs, has become a girl who goes to the gym religiously. Even after I completed my 6 weeks, I now continue to come every Monday evening where Elly puts me through my paces. I love it. Elly keeps in touch throughout the week and we did some practice bleep tests prior to testing day and she even sent me some advice the night before the big day. I took the fitness test this month and smashed it. Even though my legs were jelly, I felt I could have done it all again and that’s thanks to Elly!

I have now been shortlisted in the application process and have some further assessments at the end of the month. The police officer who ran the fitness test advised that I would need to maintain my fitness as they regularly re-test officers in their probation period and I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather do that than at the Better Body Group with Elly.