Weight restoration testimonial from Anna G

Having endured an intense weight restoration programme following an eating disorder, I was left disappointed with my body shape and general wellbeing post-recovery. As a teenager I was very athletic though following restricted activity during my inpatient programme, my fitness and muscle tone completely diminished. Alongside the development of osteoporosis, my body felt too weak to carry the extra weight, and I was suffering chronic back and joint pain. My care team recommended I visit a personal trainer and (after putting it off for a number of months) decided to give it a go. Initially I didn’t expect it to make much of a difference as many rounds of physiotherapy had only served to exacerbate my general aches and pains. However even after one session at BBG I noticed an improvement in my general wellbeing and fitness. 

Fast-forward a couple of months and with the expert guidance from my wonderful PT James, the differences are immense.  Although challenging at times (ahem, the prowler) my strength and fitness is better now than it was even before my illness. Moreover my confidence in my body has grown astronomically and has allowed me to appreciate the distinction between being ‘skinny’ and being fit and healthy, a quality that I had long misunderstood. Since training, I have been placed into remission from osteoporosis, both to the surprise and relief and myself and my care team who fully attribute the speedy recovery to the guided exercise provided by my super PT! 

With the risk of sounding cliché and sentimental I owe so much to James and the team at the BBG because if it wasn’t for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere (and James’ endless “hilarious” jokes – his words, not mine, outstanding dance moves and general being) I would have undoubtedly bailed after the first session!