Paul Glover…what can I say?


So testimonials are great and this one in particular is very good. It made me chuckle but I also feel like I should tell my side of the story and my experience of training Paul and accompanying him on his journey to the slim gentleman (?) that he now is.


Paul walked through the door, I feel like it was a Thursday evening. He looked at me with a puzzled and worried look when asking what the session would entail. I just laughed of course, it was going to be worse than he could ever had imagined, but I smiled and said that he would be just fine.


In our first training session, Paul struggled to do lots of the basic movements but I admired his ability to make a joke of himself and he made me giggle so I looked forward to our next session. After a few months when he had become a loyal client, I used to get abusive texts the next day saying how much he was aching and that he hated me. Of course, I was not phased, it was one of many (I’m joking, I’m not that bad)


As time went on, Paul came to the conclusion or rather I told him that he was ready to take on “the hour session”. The weight started to drop off and our sessions were packed full of horrid exercises but also a lot of laughs, banter and taking the mick out of each other for various features, such as my running hands (!) which he quite enjoyed.


Then, as he quite rightly mentions below, I decided to leave him and my very much loved clients for the London lights but I knew that it wouldn’t be end of what had then become a friendship. I knew he would be in good hands with Sam and I see the results that they are achieving and feel very proud of Paul for how far he has come on his journey.


Now we catch up on Sundays for a Latte and the odd cheeky Nando’s or night out, I just can’t get rid of him!


His testimonial below:



How did you hear about the Better Body Group?


I heard about the gym by being given a leaflet in November 2014, the timing was perfect and I had no idea that there was a gym that close to me.



How long have you been training at BBG?
It will be two years next January, think that says all you need to know about the people who work and train there. I thought it would be a six week thing.



Who is your trainer (or trainers)?

Now I train with Sam, but before she upped and left me for the London lights I started out with Tilly and this is who I’m writing this about? Why? Well she got me started with me changing my life around. Is that a bit dramatic? No.


Why did you start training with us and how has it improved/changed your life?


At one point I was over 15 stone in weight which is around 95kg, I did the whole weight watchers thing and lost 3 stone. Changed jobs where I sat back at a desk and then suddenly was nearing 14 stone again.


To get me going I signed up in November 2014 to start a 6 week programme in January, I wanted to get the social aspect of Christmas out of the way.


First session jitters and I walk in the through the door to be greeted by a very energetic Tilly, straight away I felt at ease. I knew then I had made a good choice.


Over those six weeks she put me through my paces and got me on a programme from which quickly started seeing results. I continued training with Tilly until she left, even though she felt the need to abuse me at times. I have witnesses!


But in all seriousness, she was great.


Now I’m slimmer, healthier and feel great. The compliments from friends and family always give you that extra buzz.


Are you happy for us to use these pictures on our website testimonials page (we will cover your distinguishing features)?

Yeh, use this!