Preparing to fail is failing to prepare

The title of this article pretty much sums up what it’s about and by now you are probably nodding knowing that somewhere down the line you have also fallen into the trap of failing to prepare.

I’m not going to lie, prepping is not always easy and yes, it is much quicker to run out to EAT or to Sainsbury’s in your lunchbreak and pick up what you may class as healthy but trust me when I say that it’s probably not the right path to take when looking to achieve your weight loss/fitness/diet related goals.

So why do we avoid prep?

We avoid prepping meals for so many reasons. Due to lack of time or of energy or even the fact that we just really can’t be bothered. The “I’ll start next week” or the “Pret is healthy and I tracked it”. Whatever form your excuse comes in, I can guarantee that the perks of prepping are much more than the disadvantages.

So why should you prep and what are the benefits?

  • It helps you stay on track. Whether it’s calories or macronutrients that you are counting, prepping in advance will mean that know what you are eating and when you are eating it, making the use of calorie tracking apps much much easier.
  • You will save A LOT of money! Enough that you could even fit in that extra holiday to show off that bikini body that you’ve been working so hard to get. You think I’m joking when I say this but The Telegraph recently released a study where they found that the average worker spends up to £2500 a year just on lunch. With many meals that are easy to prepare in large servings, the average cost when you take the time to prep is about £1.20 per meal, meaning you could prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for less than you could a lunch out.
  • You know what you are getting. Take-away food is delicious I know, but there’s a reason for this. So-called super foods are enhanced with “healthy” dressings and other tempting things that aren’t necessarily “economic in terms of calories”. Prepping from home will allow you to start from scratch, knowing what you are getting every time.
  • Work hard for one day of prep and you will actually find yourself with lots of time to spare in the week. If you’re cooking one dish, what’s the difference in cooking 4? You will be surprised at your capability to multi-task, having various dishes on the go, will save you time.
  • Less waste! This one you can consider as doing your bit for the environment. It has been reported that the average household wastes no less than £470 (add that to your holiday fund!!) a year on food by throwing it away. By planning your shopping and prepping food, you will use everything you have in your fridge and cupboards meaning less waste.

What you need in order to prep 

  • A couple of hours of a day. The best day for me is Sunday afternoon.
  • A thoughtful shopping list. Make a list of the meals that you want to eat for the week, this can be a fun activity as a family and is a great opportunity to teach children about healthy foods, meals and ingredients. From those meals, create a list of ingredients needed. TIP: try and keep breakfast the same for every day, this will allow more headspace for other meals.
  • 1 kitchen with all necessary utensils.
  • Tupperware – on tap (lids needed)
  • 1 Fridge
  • And if you can blag yourself a little helper/washer-upper, this is a bonus.

If you are stuck for recipes or ideas for meals, we have lots of recipes on our blog or why not book a session with nutritionist Elly Reeves who can guide you through a meal plan tailored to your needs. To book your 30 minute free intro, contact us by clicking here.

Tilly Kyle
Personal Trainer 
Better Body Group, Sevenoaks

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