Remember Hayley?

This was Hayley back in March at her 6-week weigh-in. You may remember the photo from her testimonial. She initially came to the Better Body Group gym with the aim to get into shape ready for her whimsical wedding in August. She had given me a goal with a time limit, it was vital she felt confident in her wedding dress. At our 6-week weigh-in she was looking absolutely fantastic, we were getting there but we still weren’t quite where she wanted to be. After all she had all the intentions of having a tight silk fitted wedding dress that wasn’t going to allow for any body confidence issues.

So here’s the obvious, if she looked like that in March it would be easy for her to hit her goals by August right? Most definitely not. Hayley faced a fair few challenges along the way that could have easily knocked her off focus and sent her plunging a few steps back. Allow me to divulge;

1) She’s a mother of two young children. We all know what children can be like, especially little ones. There’s no planning for when they are ill and they are in constant demand of their Mum which makes healthy eating and exercising tough to fit into a daily routine.

2) She was in the midst of planning a wedding which was taking up a fair amount of her time, the various appointments and meetings were ongoing – just being able to fit gym sessions in to her hectic schedule was hard. It also made food and wine tasting particularly difficult as we were trying to stick to a strict diet…

3) In June she went off to Switzerland for a month which required that dreaded dedication of having to follow an eating plan and exercise regime without me being there to encourage her along the way. I nearly had a melt down – have you seen Swiss food?! It’s all cheese and chocolate!

4) Lastly, but not least, whilst in Switzerland on a bike ride she went over the handle bars and fractured her left shoulder (ouch!).  A broken shoulder just before her wedding…not ideal.

It never stopped her though. Regardless of the daily challenges she persisted on, always making time to train, putting in maximum effort and staying focused on that goal. She even continued to train with her fractured shoulder because some exercise is better than none. Below is Hayley exercising in her sling, working hard on those abs.




I had the pleasure of seeing her on her wedding day – and having an immense amount of pride in receiving a card that stated “because really your the reason I get to wear this dress”.  I was thrilled she was happy with her end result and she should be, she looked amazing.


This was Hayley on our final weigh in:





The change in shape was well worth all those late night training sessions. There wasn’t any body confidence issues in sight. Bet your dying to see her in the dress now…….




Well this was her on her wedding day, didn’t she look absolutely beautiful! She is living proof that you shouldn’t continue to allow your never-ending excuses to get in the way because if you stick to it in the end the goal really is worth the wait.
Well done Hayley,

One very proud exercise specialist.

Rebecca Collingwood BSc (Hons)