Rob C

“Over recent years had become very disillusioned with lifting weights and had become very stale in my approach. My workouts became monotonous and a chore with little or no improvement to my physique. After turning 60 I decided to find some way of revitalising and motivating myself which is when I approached BBS. Over recent years I had used the services of a number of personal trainers from some large gym organisations all of whom appeared reasonably good until I met this bunch. They take the concept of personal training to a different level. I asked them to start me from scratch and design a training and nutrition programme that would strip excess fat, get me fit whilst trying to maintain some shape. Over the initial 6 weeks I dropped over a stone (pics above) with my waist falling 2 trouser sizes. We set no time goals or weight targets as my training has become a way of life which will continue indefinitely My ‘diet’ is very different with more protein based foods and good carbs but this is so easy I haven’t reverted back to old habits of pasta and bread. I still have a decent drink and the odd kebab! Over the last 9 months I have trained with most of the PT guys, all of which have been outstanding in their knowledge, professionalism and above all motivational approach to training. Everyone has their favourites, mine just happens to be Chris, who is actually one of the most charming and likeable people I know. Long may it continue!”

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