Special high five to a great trainer

After spending my 20’s focusing on education and devoting myself almost entirely to building a professional career, and putting a roof over my young families head, I promised myself that my 30’s would be the healthiest period of my life yet. Each year through my 20’s it felt like I ended the year with another qualification and working success, but it always came alongside another half stone added.

When I moved back from Scotland and bought my first home last year I was mindful that a massive objective had been met and a life chapter concluded. This coincided with the unhealthiest period of both mind and body, I was a mess. Obese at 31% body fat, blood pressure borderline at medication levels, a waist circumference at +130cm putting me at a high risk of diabetes, I was unhappy and did not appreciate my achievements – Like a naval ship that had won the battle but was about to sink due to damage..

When Jason introduced me to Jimmy, and gave me that pat on the back of encouragement, the new chapter started. Jimmy measured my body condition and set a series of achievable objectives. I had a pretty good understanding of nutrition having read many books, but Jimmy helped me build on that significantly. Only now am I starting to understand the science behind what happened to my metabolism in the opening 6 weeks of training. Good strict nutrition combined with clever, targeted physical training and the encouragement and support from all the trainers, but directly Jimmy, saw me make immediate impressive gains. I wasn’t used to someone else taking control of my life in this way, but realise now that it was essential, and in very safe hands.

With an enthusiasm and dedication to his clients Jimmy is massively adept at getting into your head, assessing your muscle imbalances and limitations in mobility and making a session fun. He drives for good strong full movement and health, and combines strength training with a fat loss strategy that will have me ripped long before that final % of fat comes off. Personal hiccups happen along the way and time and time again he has been there to motivate, encourage and explain the natural cycles of progression and recovery. I have found him selfless to his own personal gains, something rare in my experience, he has helped me to connect to multiple role models and sources of information so I could grow as an individual as quickly as I was ready. He is always keen to discuss the details and answer questions. He has a quick and adaptable mind to training, ready to learn about your needs at every stage, and always invested his time in providing a full answer. He has overseen my training and ensured correct technique, emphasising and training areas of biomechanical weakness and instability. Minor injury, as the body adapts and I push it, is a given. Jimmy expertly identified the source and adapted the training, improving the area of weakness while keeping me progressing in other areas.

So thank you Jimmy for unlocking the mystery of free weights, macros and how to be a confident individual in the gym. I no longer need to hold his hand in my sessions because he has helped me build a solid foundation. I am truly grateful for his help and support in helping me realise what I can achieve, and look forward to staying in touch with him in our future sessions. I can’t recommend Jimmy enough in helping you get back to where you wish to be, and realise your true physical potential once again – it feels so nice and is so worth it. Get in touch with BBG, join the gym and start training with Jimmy, you will never look back.

My story is still in progress; please follow me on Instagram @cactuskean. In 24 weeks Jimmy has helped me lose 19.3kg of weight. I have become loads stronger, increasing my squat from 60 to 135kg, bench from 50 to 85kg and deadlift from 60 to 137.5kg. I eat clean, feel strong, and feel centred once again.

Cheers and big hugs to ALL the BBG team for making me feel so welcome, and a special high five to a great trainer, and mate, Jimmy Sykes who has started me on my latest path to success.