His passion for health and fitness has made me think very differently…

Recently, every time I have tried to embark on a fitness regime, I have been frustrated by knee pain and have lost motivation. My husband is a big fan of the Better Body Gym and on his advice I decided to commit to the 6 week transformation programme.

I’m not normally a gym person and was nervous about my first session. I needn’t have been.  The staff are very welcoming and my trainer Cody has been awesome.  He listened to my concerns about my knee issues and we discussed my goals.  He really knows his stuff and has created a programme for me that combines rehab for my knee with the other toning and weight loss goals that I have.

Cody has a wealth of knowledge on fitness, rehab and diet.  He has really helped me to understand the science behind our training and the reasons for my knee pain. His passion for health and fitness has made me think very differently about how to look after my mind and body, rather than just focusing on weight loss.

The sessions are always different and the hour goes surprisingly quick. They are well planned but Cody is also quick to adapt his exercises if something does not work for me. He is also passionate about playing American football.  He incorporates some of the techniques he uses at his training camps into our sessions which is really challenging and gets results!

Cody is very encouraging, telling me that I am stronger than I think and that I can do it. I’m starting to believe that too especially when I look at the weights I can move now and look back to the start…

10 weeks later and I’m so happy with the results. Friends and family are commenting on the changes that they see in me.  Most importantly I feel the changes especially in my energy levels and fitness. The weight loss and clothes fitting better is the icing on the cake! For anyone looking to achieve fitness goals and see quick results I would not hesitate to recommend BBG and Cody especially.

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