4 Reasons you should do strength training for Golf

I am going discuss here as to why strength training is vital when playing golf, whether it is to reduce injury or enhance performance. Following that will explain some useful exercises that will be beneficial:

  1. Force during Swing

So firstly, it has been proven that during a golf swing a force of about 7500N occurs in the back. That is a lot of force. In comparison, for example this is similar force experienced during a rugby scrum. Therefore it is vital that to reduce the golfer’s risk of injury, a stronger back will be able to uphold the large force that is exerted. To able to cope with the large forces, rotational core exercises including rotation med ball throws and pallof press + holds can help this.

  1. Overuse Injuries

Golfers who play regularly, once or twice a week, are going to be swinging the ball a lot throughout the week. Roughly 80% of injuries that occur in golfers are due to overuse. So golfers are constantly playing and not doing enough strength training. It has also been found that strength training can be reduce overuse injuries by approximately 50%.

  1. Faster Club head Speed

Essentially, the faster your club-head speed, the further the ball will go. Strength training increases the force the golfer is able to produce and therefore improving the club-head speed, resulting in a longer drive.

  1. Mass

Along with the point above, a golfer who is heavier with lean mass can hit the ball further. A greater mass has been associated with greater club head speed and again longer drives. It is important to note though that lean mass will be advantageous compared to fat mass.

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