Strong not skinny

Strong not skinny

Too often I here the phrase ‘I want to be skinny’. Skinny seems to be the ultimate goal for most females, it seemingly appears to represent the worlds idea of perfection. Well this article is going to tell you why skinny just isn’t good, why this shouldn’t be your goal and why you should be saying ‘I want to be strong’ more often.

So lets start with what the word skinny implies. In the Oxford dictionary skinny is defined as; a person or part of there body that is unattractively thin. Doesn’t sound great does it. Some synonyms of the word are; scrawny, angular, gaunt, undernourished, skeletal, scraggy……the list goes on. I bet you’re not so keen on those words as a form of description of your body. Basically to cut it short skinny means unhealthy, the only way you can determine if your skinny through means of measurements is if you hit an unhealthy weight and that should be no ones goal.

So why should you be strong?

Strong is not just determined by your physical abilities but can also be your state of mind. It is your ability to perform a specific action well and powerfully. It is your inability to admit defeat. Strong means to be good in that gym, it means your body can cope with the demands placed on it, it represents you being healthy. Being healthy comes with so many benefits; you feel more confident, you have more energy, you decrease your risk of health related diseases, you hit your goals. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and those athletes of a slightly smaller stature such as dancers and gymnasts, well you’ll be surprised just how much muscle they have on them, they are strong individuals otherwise they wouldn’t have the energy to partake in sport. Some synonyms of the word strong are; powerful, active, healthy, athletic and tough. They sound like much better descriptions not only relating to your body but to your personality.

So aim to be strong because aiming to be strong means you’re aiming to be healthy.

Rebecca Collingwood