Struggling to keep on track?

Struggling to keep on track with those goals of yours coming to the end of the year? How many of these tips can you stick too on a daily basis?

1- Brush your teeth straight after dinner or as soon as you know you have eaten all your calories for the day. Psychologically you’ll know it’s the end of the day so you won’t need anymore food and nobody likes the taste of food once they’ve brushed their teeth and swooshed around with mouthwash.

2- If you’re sitting and watching tv in the evening, play a game on your phone or iPad at the same time or complete the crossword in the newspaper. Watching tv doesn’t require many brain cells and we find ourselves getting bored and thinking about what’s in those kitchen cupboards. Keeping your mind occupied as well as catching up on your favourite programme will keep you out of the kitchen with no time to even think about food.

3- If you think you’re hungry and it’s nowhere near a meal time or you’ve finished your calories for the day, then drink a pint of water. Guaranteed you will just be thirsty. Try and drink up to 3litres of water a day. Drinking a pint of water before a meal can also help with eating smaller portions at meal times.

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4- Keep busy. Do the housework, go for a walk, set daily to do lists. When you’re busy you have no time to even think about food, let alone realise you’re hungry.

5- Track your food. All of it, including any drinks, hot or cold. We all have very selective memories when it comes to food. We also under estimate how many calories are in each of our meals. You may be eating extremely healthy food everyday but just too much of it. By tracking your food you will get a better understanding of portion control and be able to spread your allowed calories out over the whole day.

6- Cut down on your alcohol intake. Alcohol is just empty calories that do not help you in anyway shape or form. It doesn’t give your body energy, it just makes you more tired, increases anxiety and can make you feel bloated.

7-10,000 steps a day- go on give it a go!

8-Snack on water-based foods. Fruit and veg. They keep you more full for longer without the huge cost in calories.

9- Dont go food shopping when you’re hungry or straight after a gym session. Plan your weekly meals the weekend before. Remember, what you don’t by you can’t eat.

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10- Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Prepare your lunches the night before if you know you won’t get anything healthy at work or have time to cook, you will have something ready that fits in with your daily routine and calories.


Make as many of them a habit as you can and you’ll smash those goals in no time. Good Luck!!

Natasha Hickey
Personal Trainer Sevenoaks,
Better Body Group


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