Hi everyone, I’m Lilley and this week I became a bit of a celebrity…I went to Better Body Group gym and kind of took over everything!

I met my new Mum and Dad two weeks ago and have settled in to my new house….my Mum Jo can’t see very well so I help her out and guide her where she needs to go…my new Dad, Kyle helps out too where he can but when he’s at work it’s my job!

When I got to the gym I waited in reception to meet my Mum and Dad’s trainer Bex… my Mum and Dad had told me she loves dogs so I gave her a big slobbery kiss to say ‘Hi’ and she gave me a belly scratch in return so now we’re the best of friends…

When I went into the gym I wasn’t scared, Bex dropped some weights nearby so I know what they would sound like and I didn’t even bat an eyelid or wag my tail…in fact I settled down near mum and had a rest while dad did some hard work but it looked a little strenuous to me!

I did some step-ups on a box with Mum and stayed by her side when she did some squats for the first time ever…I was quite proud of her really but she held onto Bex’ arm and not my harness so I felt a little left out….this didn’t last long though as everyone else nearby was really pleased to see me and I got lots of cuddles and kisses from the other nice people that were doing hard work too!

I also manned the reception area when Shelley had a quick break and took a delivery of Christmas presents for the children’s ward at Darenth hospital, the people that work hard here were really generous and did an amazing job!

Right…I’m off for a nice W-A-L-K and to find a muddy puddle to lie in as I’ve always dreamed of being a chocolate Labrador but keep up the good work and make sure you give me a scratch next time you see me!