I look forward to piling-on the pounds on the barbell and losing them from the waist!

David came to me in March of 2017 to rehabilitate and improve the flexion in his toes/ feet and ankles following surgery.  We also focused on the goals of gaining strength whilst losing weight…not the easiest of tasks as usually losing weight means losing muscle to some extent too, which invariably means a decrease in strength.

David doesn’t dislike cardio but he definitely enjoys lifting weights (a common ground between us) so our focus was to mainly lift weights and use fun (sometimes!) resistance exercise during our PT sessions.  I also gave David additional sessions to carry out in his spare time as well as nutritional advice to start losing the kilos.  After 8 weeks of training I decided to refer him to Elly our nutritionist here at BBG for a little more specialist guidance as his weight loss was good but David needed a bit of a kick and two voices are better than one!

David has lost over 10 kilos in 4 months and the difference is really noticeable, not only people from the gym are commenting on the changes but family and friends are surprised by how well he is doing and it’s all these little victories that add up (both on the barbell and the scales) and keep you motivated!

David has gained strength and is hitting personal bests in the gym both on the barbell and the scales…it’s a scary thing getting started in the gym and just taking that first step but when you look around just keep a simple thought in your head….everyone here started where you did whether that is 1 week, 1 month or 1 year ago…what matters is that you have started making a positive change in your life so stick with it and we’ll give you the encouragement you need to see some great results!

The best news is that David was recently discharged from the physiotherapist following the rehabilitation work that we have persevered through and hit a PB deadlift of 130kg!

A massive well done to David and let’s keep hitting those goals!

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A few words from David about training at BBG with Bex….

“I started with Bex at BBG to help with my rehabilitation following operations on both of my feet. Bex works with a team of PTs that focus on this type of work and I have found her guidance invaluable to get back into exercise and start mobilising my feet – my physio has been thrilled with the progress I have made!

Even better has been our focus on weights and Bex has a real expertise in this area – she has really concentrated on developing my technique which has improved my performance no end.

That’s not to say we duck cardio and she has helped me focus on nutrition all of which has paid huge dividends on the weight loss front.  To really help deliver results on this front Bex used the Styku body scanning machine to track body composition – the images alone provide some incentive to pull finger and stick to the programme!
Also Bex referred me to Elly the BBG nutritionist to really help watch what I eat and the real joy was some greats tips to help avoid calories at those functions where you can’t count the calories.

I look forward to piling-on the pounds on the barbell and losing them from the waist!

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