I have damaged my lower back over the last 20 years and have three prolapsed disks. Each time one went it was like a knife in my back and the pain would last for months. Apart from some rest bite from visiting an Osteopath, the pain was reasonably constant, especially in the Winter.
As the weather got colder, my back would become fragile, even doing something as simple as over reach for something could trigger a spasm. The muscle on one side of my back would tense and my body would tilt, hips forced out to the left, shoulders forced over to the right. In October 2015, I went into spasm and decided to put myself into traction by hanging myself off the upstairs bannister rail in an attempt to straighten my back out using my lower body weight. It didn’t work, I pulled the muscles in my right shoulder and suffered excruciating pain. For the next three months I was unable to lift my right arm above my shoulder, or extend it to open or close anything.
At Christmas, Chris Wharton of the Better Body Group suggested I see Christina Moore, the top massage therapist at BBG, he was confident she could improve the movement in my arm and relieve the constant pain.
I attended treatments on my shoulder by Christina initially every two weeks and quickly established she was making a difference, although the treatment wasn’t without pain itself! BBG looked at my overall fitness and as a result of years avoiding exercise and probably enjoying more alcohol than is recommended, I was clearly overweight for my height. I asked if they would also check my blood pressure which turned out to be high. At 86kilos with high blood pressure, it was time to take action. Christina worked with me regularly checking for improvements in BP and weight, over the next three months she worked on my shoulder and I had to work on reducing my weight and improving my circulation. Within six months the significant improvement in arm movement had allowed me to use gym equipment to strengthen my legs and lower back and start working core. Within nine months I’d worked off 10kilos and improved my circulation, the movement in my arm had improved to about 95% and could do some light upper body exercise.
Considering I had looked at having an operation to re-inflate my prolapsed disks in the past as I’d never considered I could build up core muscle to compensate. I could not run any distance and now regularly run a few miles, I would normally dread October every year for the fear of going into muscle spasm and now I don’t think about it. I’m now a respectable weight for my height and my blood pressure is normal. Perhaps it appropriate to say ‘thank you’ to Christina and the Better Body Group for their treatment, help and guidance.