I started working with Jade back in the summer as a continuation of my prehab/rehab training, I’ve now been a member of the BBG family for three years. Eighteen months ago I found out that I had severe osteoarthritis of both hips requiring full replacement surgery, as well as three herniated discs in the lower back with spinal stenosis, also requiring possible spinal decompression surgery.

I’m a full time professional Elvis Tribute singer and if left to my own devices, I would have been too afraid to train or do anything physical which would have lead to an early retirement. Instead on the advice of Jason Crow my training was adjusted to focus more on pre-hab exercises to strengthen and protect my problem areas pre-surgery, which also enabled me to keep working. I had my right hip replaced in February 2017 and was back training and gigging within three months . I had injections in my back in July 2017 which were successful, meaning back surgery won’t need to be done just yet, thankfully.

Training with Jade has been great, I have 100% confidence that I can still train hard and get a really productive workout under her guidance without worrying about my physical issues and Jade obviously takes a lot of time in planning my sessions. I had my left hip replaced three weeks ago and am apparently a member of a very small group the hospital call the ‘one day club’, in that I was home within 24 hours of surgery. I am also already able walk short distances without any walking aids. I put this down to all the training and expert advice I’ve had from Jade and not forgetting my previous trainers Jason, Jas and Christina. I’m looking forward to being back in the gym soon training with Jade and getting back to performing as Elvis again in April, feeling fitter and stronger than ever. So thank you Jade and the BBG family for helping me carry on doing the job I love.

Physical issues need not be a barrier to keeping fit and healthy under the expert guidance of Jade and all at the Better Body Group!!

Gary Osben aka Gary King Elvis Tribute