Signing up to the Better Body Group competition at Sweaty Betty I have to admit it was the chance to win a new Sweaty Betty outfit that initially caught my eye. I was completely surprised when they phoned me up to say I had won a place on the ‘September Shape-Off’ and eagerly agreed without really knowing what I was letting myself in for!


The next day (!) I arrived at the gym and met Elly who explained the whole program to me: two personal training sessions a week (I thought it had been two across the 6 weeks), two Green Team classes a week, a Green Team home workout everyday and the opportunity to one other BBG class a week if you can find the time.  I don’t know if this made me feel any better but I realised it was a huge opportunity and was going to give it my best shot.


I thought I was quite fit before starting but the first week was really tough. I was amazed by the variety of exercises both in PT and group sessions and honestly don’t think I did the same exercise twice. I do now know which exercises I should dread (Jason’s “upstairs” for the versa-climber/ prowler is a killer) but being part of the lovely Green Team means we can complain together and push each other through. In fact the gym may look quite intimidating from the outside but it’s the happiest, friendliest gym I have ever been to. Everyone knows everyone and there is always someone there to offer encouragement and congratulations.


My PT sessions have been an amazing opportunity to try new things. Having someone to check and correct my form has allowed me to really understand which muscles I should be engaging when and push myself to do things I had always been scared to do. Elly, Christina and James (and I’m sure everyone else) are extremely knowledgeable. For any ache, pain or problem they have a wealth of advice and exercises to stretch, strengthen and keep you on track. Getting to know the trainers means you really feel a part of the gym and having a chat is so much more enjoyable than working out alone.


The Green Team have been a huge encouragement and motivation throughout this six weeks and I am very inspired by the progress that everyone is making. I’m also seeing my own progress thanks to the guidance, support and motivation from everyone at BBG. I feel sad that the six weeks are coming to an end (and that I have a new job in Oxford) and will really miss the camaraderie here but I have learnt loads and will hopefully come back even fitter and stronger at Christmas!


Thank you very much to the Better Body Group and Sweaty Betty Sevenoaks for the opportunity.