Mark & Dee Testimonial & Story


The best investment we have made this year … It has been in a nutrition plan with Elly Rees …For those of you that don’t know, Elly is a Sport & Exercise Registered Nutritionist who offers three types of nutritional plans to choose from at BBG.


What we loved about the plans is they are just like your PT, personal to you but purely focussed on nutrition. Having both been lacking energy for a while we opted for the six week plan as wanted something to kick start us. It was the best decision we made and we couldn’t be happier with the results and the energy we have regained. Our training is so much more enjoyable and we are feeling stronger and healthier. My husband is achieving new PB’s since starting the plan.


Elly initially takes your measurements and talks about your goals and aims, she then quickly put together an eating plan with healthy foods, taking into account the foods we liked and explaining daily calorie intakes along with ensuring we drank enough water. What amazed us most is how quickly we felt more energised (within the first week) and weight started to drop as a consequence of the new healthier choices we were making.


Over the six weeks Elly is supporting you every day, checking in on you via what’s app. Initially we thought it would feel odd sending photos of food but it is very motivating and helps Elly give you feedback. With the plan, there are regular weigh ins and measurements are taken every couple of weeks to monitor progress. The proof that the plan works will be evident in your results. If you do everything Elly tells you and plan carefully you will be guaranteed to achieve your goals. We have to say the biggest motivation of all has been Elly, she is knowledgeable, professional, dedicated but most of all she is fun, always smiling and makes you laugh. When you feel like you want to give her a day off, up she pops checking in on your day.


In fact Elly is so good we have just started on the maintenance plan to ensure that the good work continues and our energy levels and weight can be maintained long term. 


Thanks Elly, you are a star!

Dee & Mark


Elly’s Comments: Mark and Dee have done incredibly well over the last 6 weeks, they have both achieved amazing results losing inches and centimetres week in, week out. Mark, having not managed to lose weight for quite some time, managed to lose over a stone in the 6 weeks as well as improving his lean muscle mass at the same time! Dee lost over half a stone but most importantly now has the energy to get through the day without suffering fatigue. You guys have been amazing and I love being able to continue working with you!