The Benefits of Sports Massage

The Benefits of Sports Massage

Some of you may or may not know that here at the better body group we offer sports massage. So you’re probably asking yourself what’s the benefits of a sports massage and what’s the difference between going down to your local spa and having a nice soothing massage?

Listed Below is various benefits that come with sports massage that make it the key difference between your average relaxing spa massage:

Stretching: Certain massage techniques allows us to stretch the muscles in a way you may not have been able to achieve before in the gym by yourself. This works by loosening the fascia surrounding the muscles allowing them to expand. Hence it will give you an increased range of motion.

Breakdown of Scar tissue: Scar tissue occurs as a result of trauma on the body. If there is scar tissue on the ligaments/tendons/muscle this can cause a sensation of pain. Massage helps to breakdown the scar tissue hence alleviate the pain. Massage can also be used to breakdown scar tissue on the surface of the skin with the use of various types of friction techniques, hence a reduction in scar size.

Increased muscle permeability: Deep tissue massage allows a quicker removal of waste products in the muscles such as lactic acid and as result allows the muscle tissue pores to open up more to allow the uptake of oxygen, white blood cells and nutrients hence aiding recovery of the body.

Rehabilitation: if you have an injury, sports massage can be a great tool in helping that recovery process. When the body suffers from an injury whether it be a muscle injury or not the surrounding muscles will tighten around the site of trauma as an instinctive form of protection known as ‘muscle guarding’. This makes the area become stiff and painful. Sports massage can be used to loosen that tension off so we can work into the injury and alleviate some of the pain felt in the joint and give it back some movement.

So the there you have it a few of the many benefits to sports massage. Don’t be fooled by the name ‘sports massage’ everyone can benefit from it and it is recommended that if you work out on a regular basis every 6 weeks a sports massage should be given for maintenance.


Rebecca Collingwood

Exercise Specialist

Better Body Group, Sevenoaks