Tim came to me with a number of different requests, he was struggling with chronic fatigue and was also being treated for depression thorough medication, however he knew his diet was a mess and was most likely affecting his day to day mental state. In addition to this he had noticed his body composition was changing in a negative way. I therefore created Tim a personalised nutrition plan to achieve all the goals he had set out, to help mental health and get leaner.


“We all have to eat to stay alive, and there’s a wealth of information online these days so it’s easy to think that you can DIY when it comes to your own nutrition – but in reality, however clued up you are on the subject – it’s hard to stay objective when it’s yourself, and not get lost in all the different strategies and fads. I hired Elly to help with a very specialised nutrition plan, and I couldn’t recommend her anymore… it was in-depth but straightforward to implement and was totally bespoke to my needs – no cookie cutter programme designed for the masses here. The results have been way beyond my expectations.”