Too stressed to find the time to exercise?

I don’t think I need to clarify what stress actually is as according to finding, 85% of people in the UK feel stressed on a regular basis with over a third of people feeling stressed for at least one WHOLE day per week. Crazy, isn’t it?

It’s a three part equation

  • Stress
  • Time
  • Exercise

– time + stress – exercise
+ time – stress +exercise

Now whilst the second option is preferable, I can guarantee that for most of us, the first option is probably more appropriate (myself included). However, recent studies have found that by doing merely 20 minutes of brisk exercise everyday (walking, housework or any other exercise that increases heart rate), stress levels can be reduced by 40%.

I want to feel less stressed and exercise more. So, what do I have to do?

1. Set a realistic goal and build it up slowly. If you are time poor already, trying to fit in a 5-a-week exercise programme is far from realistic and will only lead to increased stress. Consider 2-3 days of 1 hour sessions of exercise. Attending a class, a personal training session or simply going out for a run all contributes to getting moving and in turn lowering stress levels.
2. Find somewhere local to you. The further the travel, the less likely you are to keep up the routine. Consider a centre within walking distance or just a short drive from home, ideally with easy parking, that means that the time lost in travelling to the gym is minimised.
3. Consider it as me–time and commit. Life is pretty hectic I know, but allowing me-time is a must. Schedule allotted times to workouts and don’t budge on them unless completely necessary. Stress can lead to mental health issues which in turn can lead to other serious conditions and exercise can help prevent these. Be kind to your body and mind and they will be kind to you in return.
4. Do what you love – find the right exercise regime for you. If you are putting other things before the gym, the likelihood is that you are not enjoying what you are doing and perhaps it’s time to reconsider. Talk to your trainer, friends, colleagues and family and find something that motivates you, this will make it easier to adhere to.
5. It’s money well spent. If the book “Excuses why I don’t exercise” existed, “I can’t afford it” would be in the top 10. Running out in the park does not cost a thing, and yes personal training and classes can be expensive but every penny spent on improving your health, extending life span and performing activities that will prolong your quality of life, in my opinion, is money well spent!

Take these steps to a less stressed you! If you are struggling to find a routine to suit you, why not pop by and we can help you!

Much love,
Tilly Kyle
Personal Trainer
Better Body Group Sevenoaks

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