Tough Mudder… Why??!!!??


I believe it was after one of Jimmy’s  gruelling, I mean fantastic,  spin sessions, Rachel and I had mentioned we liked the idea of doing a Tough Mudder one day… this idea took hold and on Saturday this became reality when myself, Rachel, Emma, Alan, Liv and  Jimmy under took the challenge and conquered the London South Tough Mudder half.  This was 5.3 miles of cross country running interspersed with 13 military style  obstacles ranging from scrambling over hay bales, climbing over 10 feet high walls to scrambling over 6ft high mud banks to slide into chest deep muddy water only to face another 6ft mud bank the other side, all culminating in getting up Everest 2.0… A 15ft high curved wall/ quarter pipe!!


Why you ask would we put ourselves through this, well for me it was a new challenge, it was well outside my comfort zone and would push me to conquer my fears of failing and test my strength and stamina.  A year ago, I would never have dreamed of being able to climb over hay bales let alone scale a curved wall! It was time to push myself to my limits, see what I was capable of achieving….


So after signing up and signing the death waiver, seriously, it’s full of the joys of spring…(don’t read it before signing up… You may not sign up!) we set about training and preparing, for me this was working on my upper body strength, with the guidance of Becca during our pt sessions I conquered my fear of monkey bars, (even though it turned out wasn’t an obstacle in the half!), and with a few group training sessions with Dan and Jimmy I started to feel a bit more confident at tackling the course, and standing at the start line on Saturday I felt more excited than scared! The camaraderie and teamwork shown throughout the course is amazing, without my BBG teammates I would still be languishing the wrong side of the ‘hero walls’ or laying utterly exhausted at the base of Everest thinking I had failed, but no with Jimmy and Liv at the top and the others behind me willing me on they got me up there, and one by one we all scaled Everest, it was the best feeling in the world, and as we crossed the finish line arm in arm to receive our headbands, to know that we as a team had faced our fears head on and conquered what the course had thrown at us I know that I can accomplish challenges I never thought I was capable of!


Despite feeling battered and bruised it has been one of he best experiences I have ever had, and doing it with my friends from BBG makes it even more special, thanks guys you were awesome and I’m so proud of us!!!


So what’s next, I would seriously love to do it again next year, maybe push myself even further and do the full tough mudder! But first I am tackling my first half marathon in a few weeks, and after that who knows!


Caroline xxx