Training with Loved Ones – Exercise Classes

Getting motivated to train or go to the gym on a regular basis is hard work, sometimes even for those who have a real passion and love for training. You might be trying to lose some weight or increase your health and fitness as a complete novice, and with shyness or a lack of confidence it takes real guts to take those first steps towards a healthier life. Maybe a set of Exercise Classes will tickle your fancy.

Training with your family, friends and loved ones could offer that extra motivation that you need, and here are a few reasons why we would suggest it.

Build a Health and Fitness Plan for All – It is easier to hit your targets as an individual if you are responsible for helping a group hit an overall target. Put together a plan for health and fitness as a group and use that as motivation to succeed.

Spend Time Together – It is hard to make the time to hang out with your family and loved ones with the busy lives we all lead. Training together at the gym is a way of creating quality time as a group, rather than one on ones with different members of the family and friendship group.

Motivate Each Other – No one can press the right buttons like a family member. Whether it is motivating with praise, banter or constructive criticism, your family can help you to get to where you need to be in the gym, helping each other to raise standards across the group.

At Better Body Group we completely understand how difficult it is to make a real change in your life by training regularly. Our team of personal trainers are here to help people of all abilities and with all desires and requirements. Feel free to contact us here

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