“Training with Rebecca is amazing. I can’t believe how much we have achieved in a relatively short period of time – but I’m also surprised how my motivation is ongoing and I put this largely down to Rebecca’s approach – I just really enjoy my sessions and feel at ease – whilst working hard!

Having a baby and toddler I was concerned I’d be extra tired from the sessions but my energy levels have never been so high – the speed at which my fitness has improved is astonishing.

I’ve always hated ‘the gym’ – but this is the place you go to make all the right changes, feel good about yourself and stay fit and motivated. I love it!”
– Hayley Palmer

As you can see from the photos below Hayley’s body has changed so much, she’s been putting the effort in at the gym, training twice a week with me and eating a clean diet. Believe it or not those photos are only taken 6 weeks apart! It’s amazing how well she’s done, she tells me how she’s had to chuck away so many clothes and how her engagement ring now spins on her ring finger. Well done Hayley keep up the good work!

– Rebecca Collingwood