“Personal training was a bit of a last resort for me in an attempt to try and exercise regularly over a prolonged period of time within my physical limitations. This is what Christina has enabled me to do by taking a detailed history of what has restricted me in the past and tailoring an exercise program which has gradually improved my stamina and strength while reducing weight and body fat. I have had one Personal Training session every three to four weeks where new exercises are introduced and existing ones modified where necessary. I then use those exercises to create circuits which I can do on my own in two or three, one hour training sessions a week, increasing weights and duration as I feel able to do so. It is only with Christina’s very thorough understanding of my quite complex physical restrictions that I have managed to lose two stone in five months, reducing my waist by 10cm and my body fat by more than 5%. I still have a way to go before I am completely happy with the person staring back out of the mirror at me but I am sure that by continuing as I have been I can lose up to another stone by the end of the year while increasing muscle and improving posture.”