Chris graduated with first class degree in Sports Science (BSc) and a distinction in Strength and Conditioning (MSc), along the way qualifying as a national strength and conditioning coach, gaining his CSCS with the NSCA and certified sports nutritionist from the international society of sports nutrition.

Chris joined the Better Body Group back in 2013, since then he has used his experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to help clients achieve their fitness goals. Whether that is losing weight, getting stronger or becoming more confident.

3 things you didn’t know about Chris.

Why did you get involved in the fitness industry?

“I have been involved in some form of coaching from a very young age. Since 14 I have coached various levels of tennis and from these experiences I moved into the fitness industry while studying for my MSc at university. Coaching has shown me many things but at the top of the list is seeing clients smash their goals”.

Favourite training session?

“Deadlifts have to be mine, I mean who doesn’t love picking heavy things of the floor and dropping them”

Best fitness advice?

“Consistency is key, don’t get hung up on one little slip up in your diet or one poor training session. If you are being consistent, more often than not the results will come so stick with it”

Services Offered:

  • 1-on-1 & group Personal Training for aesthetics, weight loss & health
  • Health Screening and MOT Tester
  • Small group classes


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