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Elly Rees (Bsc, MSc, SENr) Performance Nutritionist

Elly started her training and nutrition experience by completing a BSC Hons in exercise, health and nutrition. She then furthered her education and qualifications by completing a MSc in sport and exercise nutrition, where she became a registered sports nutritionist.

Elly has worked with a number of clients ranging from professional rugby and football players of a wide range of ages, as well as helping those that are recreationally active populations wanting to improve their nutrition and performance. She also helped clients train and succeed  performances in extreme environments such as altitude. In addition she is currently working with professional rally drivers specifically improving on body composition and hydration techniques.

Elly is passionate about helping others achieve improved healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet, she enjoys working with individuals aiming for fat loss and body composition changes, as well working with those wanting to gain lean muscle mass.

She can provide a comprehensive assessment of your nutrition and lifestyle working with you to achieve the goals you have set out, as well as helping to kick those unwanted eating behaviours and habits with innovative ideas and plans. As well as offering the support and encouragement you need to stay on track!

She Strongly believes your diet is what dictates your weight and ability to train and that nutrition is the number one determinant to your progress.

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