Growing up Hannah had always been involved in sports and physical activity including netball teams, competing for the Croydon Harriers in Athletics and in Dance. During her 2 years of professional training at The Centre Performing Arts College, it became apparent that it was vital to be strong, energised and injury free during 8 hour days of intense training.

With the heavy emphasis on aesthetics in the Performing Arts Industry, Hannah wanted to discover the best ways to keep in shape and improve her body composition, without the sacrifice of  health. After graduating, she went on to study Nutritional Therapy to understand more about how the application of macronutrients and micronutrients affected performance and health in all aspects of life. She also completed Personal Training qualifications, which complimented her knowledge on Nutrition greatly. During her studies, Hannah found a love for learning about our incredible bodies and how to be in optimal condition for her sport and every day life. She hopes to develop a programme specific for Dancers and Performers to help establish a great foundation for the conditioning, nutrition and support performers need in order to do their job well.

Working in the Health & Fitness industry, Hannah loves to help others discover that great results can be obtained through often small changes to their routines. She truly believes nutrition plays an integral part in all results and that everyone can enjoy the lifestyle they want, but with the correct balance. All of her clients have been shown that there really is no secret to their health, just application of knowledge, energy balance and consistency!
Hannah wants to continue to help others discover the best habits they can apply, to lead a happy and healthy life