James is a knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic trainer at the Better Body Group and has been a valuable member of the team since joining in June 2013.
His hunger for contemporary and accurate knowledge and application of this knowledge allows his clients to improve efficiently and with great sustainability whether there goal is fat loss, muscular adaptations, postural improvements or decreased risk of injury.

James had experience in Youth Athlete Development and specialized in football coaching within both Charlton Athletic FC and Southern Association Football Academy (SAFA).

James’ previous competitive history includes playing for both Charlton Athletic and Brighton & Hove Albion football clubs. James used to run 1500m and cross-country for club level and currently bosses the Central Midfield of the Tonbridge and District league.

James’ training style is one emphasizing the importance of resistance training to improve functional strength, decrease injury risk and just generally feeling awesome, either specific to athletic performance or daily living. James loves nothing more than seeing individuals change their lifestyles to a more active, healthy and pain free one.

In the future James is looking to specialise in exercise prescription and application to cancer patients during or post treatment. Just make sure to lookout for his cheeky smile and horrendous dance moves round the gym and you’ll be onto a winner.


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