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Jas studied sports science at the University of Kent, in which he achieved first class honours. He has worked in the health and fitness industry since 2010. In this time he has trained all types of people, from sedentary individuals looking to become more active and fit, to clients who wish to push their limits and even national level athletes.

Having had a keen interest in boxing training from an early age, Jas has competed at an amateur level for Gravesham ABC, and can add the knowledge gained from the sport into his sessions. His passion is getting the human body working as best as it can. He applies a multi-faceted approach that incorporates mobility, conditioning and strength to help his clients achieve total fitness alongside their primary goals.

Jas can help you achieve your potential in an effective and enjoyable way that will get you results and keep you learning and mastering new things. Not only will this keep you interested but also makes training extremely fulfilling and rewarding, which is exactly the way it should be.

Jas Sandhu

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