Jason has been involved in the health and fitness industry for more than 25 years. He has over 20,000 hours of experience as a personal trainer on both sides of the Atlantic.

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He started working in a corporate environment for a New York based company managing the health and wellness for many top executives. Since then he has overseen the training for National athletes and teams, writing articles for many national journals, established and implemented exercise procedures for individuals with severe clinical conditions, both privately and for large medical institutions.

Jason comes from a strength and conditioning background, having spent many years as a power lifter and a Judo player. He always enjoys the challenge of developing exercise programs to meet the needs of any individual regardless of their age, starting level of fitness or medical condition. He still draws satisfaction from seeing people make physical improvements that significantly improve their lives, achieving levels of fitness they never believed possible.

Jason has gained all the relevant qualifications in the health and exercise field following completing his Honour’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Brighton. Attaining qualifications with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, The American College of Sports Medicine and taking a position as a lecturer with The University of Kent Sports Science Department. Jason’s goal is to maintain his excellent training ability, constantly improve his knowledge, and create and educate a supporting team of exercise specialists to follow in his footsteps.

Jason firmly believes that a sports exercise or rehabilitation degree is the perfect foundation for a successful career in health and fitness. He has made it his mission to work with employers and Universities to show the graduates of today how they can build on the knowledge that they have gained at University to develop a successful career for life.

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Hilary Nash

“I had been told for several years by my son to try BBS, my husband finally made a call to Jason. I was so nervous on my first visit, but Jason put me at ease. I soon realised that BBS is like no other gym I had ever been too. Now through a combination of Personal training and classes and following (or trying to) the eating plan, I have changed from someone who was out breath walking up a small hill to a real fan of exercise. I am passionate about telling other people how we have achieved a huge weight loss and new fitness levels. I think I have received training with every trainer and they are all so professional and understanding. I can honestly say I have never been fitter or healthier in my life and If I can do it from my starting position and age then anyone can.”

Hilary Nash