Liv began her own Better Body Group fitness journey back in 2010 and quickly fell in love with the world of weight lifting (and the empowerment she found in becoming stronger than every boy she knew…)

She studied Biomedical Science at King’s College London; specialising in Exercise Physiology and Physiology of Ageing- focusing specifically on what happens to our muscles and organs as we age and how this can be managed with exercise and nutrition.
Upon graduating she has worked with several NHS Trust physiotherapy teams where she quickly developed an interest in medical rehabilitation, working with patients with a range of chronic illnesses and those who had simply become less capable with age or long-term illness. She has most recently been working for an NHS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme focusing on helping those with long term conditions to better manage reduced exercise capacity and improve quality of life.
She is driven by her goal to make exercise accessible, safe and fun for everyone; she is also a firm believer that exercise should only ever contribute to our happiness and wellbeing and strives to make each session a positive, uplifting experience that challenges your preconceptions of what your body can do.
Come along to her Sunday Seniors Class or book in for a session to find out how she can help you feel better, achieve your goals and discover what you’re really capable of.

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