Lucy was the second member to join The Better Body Group 9 years ago!
This makes her one of the most experienced trainers in the BBG family. After competing and coaching in gymnastics at a very high level for Kent for many years, Lucy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in strength and conditioning and she isn’t afraid to show it!

Having studied in Canterbury to gain a National Diploma in sport, also studied Sports Therapy and further qualified in UKCC Women’s Artistic Gymnastic Coaching. She is also a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Lucy never holds back from doing ‘one more’ compound exercise, she may look sweet and innocent but don’t let that smile fool you! Being the longest serving trainer Lucy’s experience and knowledge truly shines, proving she’s one of the best there is (so get booked in quickly).

Over the years Lucy has seen and dealt with it all. Her coaching experience spans all levels of fitness, age, gender and injury status. She is always dedicated to her clients and shows tremendous patience for those who are new to exercise After one session with her you can tell how much she loves her job!

Outside of training, Lucy is an enthusiastic horse rider, gymnast and marathon runner.


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“Karen came to me back in July with a seriously ambitious target. Her goal was to lose 50 lbs of body fat before she turns 50 in December! Now that’s a challenge.
So far Karen has lost 38 lbs! An amazing effort. How has Karen achieved this? The same way anyone gets life changing results, with hard work and discipline. By following the BBS diet plan, personal training once a week and using our cardio equipment twice a week Karen is well on her way to hitting her incredible goal.
66 days to go!
Well done Karen, we are all very proud of you.”

David Kennedy, 27

David Kennedy

“Having not done any exercise at all since my school days and not leading the healthiest of lifestyles as a result of a lack of effort on my part and working in a very stressful job, my general health and weight was beginning to suffer. My goal was probably the same as most people’s in my situation: to lose weight till I was happy with myself aesthetically, achieve some muscle tone, improve my fitness levels and generally feel better about myself.

I didn’t have any previous exercise experience since my admittedly half-hearted attempts at PE lessons back in school – I had not set foot in any kind of gym or really even done any kind of physical activity ever before I signed up with the Better Body Group back at the end of June2012. I worried that I would be completely out of my depth fitness-wise and would not enjoy the experience, especially with a long-standing back injury playing on my mind. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! The team at the Better Body Group instantly put my mind at ease and ensured I had a program tailored to my fitness level and abilities every step of the way. They also provided me with information on how to eat properly – something that I’m, bar the occasional slip up now and again, really enjoying too. At the time of writing, just over two months since my first session, not only have I lost a significant amount of weight already, but my fitness levels are vastly improved too. But I guess the biggest compliment I can give is that I now enjoy exercise, and in fact look forward to coming in for my morning sessions three times a week. I’d say I’m about 1/3 of the way towards my end goal at present, and I look forward each day to nudging just that little bit closer to it with every session. I know it’s something of a cliché, but if Better Body Group team can get me to achieve results and enjoy the process of getting them too then they can do it with anyone!”