Luke graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Sport Science and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology. During his time at Portsmouth he was able to train and coach a variety of young athletes in Football, Boxing, Athletics and Swimming. Luke also worked for Portsmouth University as a football coach working with youth teams in the local community.

Having an immense passion for Boxing allows Luke to focus the bulk of his training around this particular sport;   Luke has had a number of amateur bouts representing his Portsmouth University and local club. During his time at Portsmouth Luke enjoyed couching boxing sessions for the university boxing team, this experience taught him a lot and has a significant influence on his training methods.

Luke has a huge passion for psychology and has worked with the Hampshire FA girls U16’s team with a focus on improving their intrinsic motivation and overall football performance. In addition, during his MSc Luke conducted a variety of interviews with student athletes and gained an in depth knowledge of behavioural change for exercise and physical activity.

Whether you’re looking for someone to guarantee you’ll achieve your goals, help you change your negative health behaviours or someone who can improve your technical ability in boxing then Luke is the trainer for you. He’s got a winning smile and a winning recipe for turning people into lean mean fitness machines.

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