Richard has been involved with sport from an early age, playing a number of sports from an early age. This passion for sport and physical activity grew in to an academic interest as Richard studied a degree in sport and exercise science at the University of Coventry.

Upon completing his degree Richard  undertook an internship with Gillingham F.C, fully immersing himself in the club working with all squads and developing knowledge of how to operate in a multidisciplinary team to produce optimal performance within a sporting environment.
In June 2015 Richard joined Nuffield Health where he worked as a health and wellbeing physiologist. In this role Richard developed a more detailed understanding of factors affecting health and wellbeing. In the two years with Nuffield health Richard studied the pathophysiology and interventions of lifestyle diseases such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis to name a few. This understanding of health factors can be applied to both training and nutrition to compliment improvements in body composition and health.
Richard continues to further his knowledge in the field as he currently works towards his masters in strength and conditioning.
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