After graduating with an honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Coventry University, Sam set his sights towards strength and conditioning. Working with Burton rugby club Sam specialised in the athletic development of youth players (aged 14-18), fixing muscular imbalances, improving movement efficiency, and helping individuals achieve their body composition goals.

Sam introduced players, coaches, and parents at Burton rugby club to the whole concept of strength and conditioning; educating them on the potential benefits before earning their support. Sam’s work contributed to the U16’s team reaching the county cup final, securing a place in the national cup, and achieving the East Staffordshire junior team of the year award. It has also helped some of the players to secure positions at premiership academy teams such as Leicester Tigers and London Irish. Sam has been extremely influential on the way the club now views its training. Alongside his work with the rugby club, he was helping his friends and family with their training and nutrition to help them reach their body composition goals. He helped one of his close friends lose 6.5 stone in the space of a year, and he’s still going!

From a young age Sam took to multiple sports including football, rugby, athletics, and excelling in Tang So Do (self-defence) to become sparring European champion at the age of 9. After joining his first gym in 2009, Sam found his love for the iron and has his since been focused on qualifying for the nationals in powerlifting.

Sam will be the trainer with a big grin on his face and the immaculate curls. Feel free to go over and say hi!

Sam Austin

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