Tom has joined the BBG team in his last year at university at St Marys University Twickenham. He studies Sports Rehabilitation and has a keen interest in return to performance protocols and the psychological effects of treatment.

If you want to move through your daily lifestyle with greater ease, feeling stronger and fitter than before or just get rid of that annoying niggling pain don’t hesitate to see him.

Tom is enthusiastic about all types of training but more so about Olympic lifting and HIIT with a recent take to CrossFit. From a young age Tom has been competing in sports such as Rugby, Tennis and Volleyball. Most of his time has been spent playing rugby where he left the Netherlands to play for Leicester Tigers academy. He also has international caps for the Netherlands rugby team. Coaching sport is a keen hobby.

Having lived and been educated overseas in a diverse international environment, I recognize the importance of respecting the values, beliefs and views of others. So, whatever your goals, or whether you just want a chat don’t hesitate to find him.


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