“Use it or lose it” the Parkinson nurse said to me when I was diagnosed two years ago and so when I started to notice that my physical condition appeared to be deteriorating I decided to try and slow the process through exercise.

Carla Joseph is my trainer and over the last three months we’ve concentrated on keeping my shaky right hand side balanced with the left. Focusing in particular on my triceps, core and glutes whilst always making sure my posture is correct. Carla is great, she listens to what I’m saying, develops exercises that help me achieve my goals, then keeps me on track to meet and better those goals. She likes challenging me and encourages me to improve and she is always positive.

Best of all after a PT session with Carla my head is clear, my thoughts are calm and I feel great. It’s ironic that although my shaking makes me look feeble I’m actually stronger than I’ve been in over 10 years.
Thanks Carla,