I had been struggling for most of my adult life to keep the weight off. Working in London, making excuses for not going to the gym, too tired, too busy, generally not feeling good about myself. I finally decided to step into a gym for the first time in March 2014.

My heaviest weight was around 16 stone and I started working with Chris Watkinson when I was around 15 stone. Having spent a year trying to lose weight by dieting and some light exercise at home, I knew the only way I would not only lose weight but also get some shape to my body was to work with Chris and trust his exercise regime. What a guy!

All the team are very welcoming, which makes it a comfortable place to train on your own as well. I was planning for a big holiday in September 2014 and with Chris agreed a target weight of around 12 stone 6lb with 6 months to do this, Chris worked out an exercise programme that would ensure I burnt off excess fat, gained some muscle and generally made me feel fitter and leaner.

Chris was always patient and ensured that it was a fun experience and enjoyable and made the weight target achievable. To say I was impressed with my final weight of 12stone 4lb, would be an understatement! I was delighted. I hadn’t seen some of my friends for a while and when we did meet, they was shocked at my weight loss and it has encouraged a few of them to go and get healthy too!

As I approach the grand old age of 40, my goals haven’t changed and with Chris’s support and friendly fun and banter, reaching my new goal of keeping the weight off, gaining muscle and generally keeping fit is still my priority! Life gets in the way sometimes, but I’m never giving up on that goal!

Guy Mitchell (February 2016)