What is hot stones massage?

Heated basalt stones are used alongside a massage oil or wax to soothe and penetrate the bodies’ tissues.  The stones are used alongside traditional massage techniques to comfort and provide a deeply relaxing treatment.


How does it work?

-The heat from the hot stones penetrates the body by up to 4cms stimulating the blood vessels to flush fresh oxygenated blood to the site of injury or pain

-Encourages better drainage of waste products from the muscles

– Encourages blood and lymphatic drainage from the muscles

– Improves circulation throughout the muscles and body as a whole

– Reduces histamine levels meaning less stressed muscles

– Reduces tension on joints by deeply relaxing the soft connective tissues of the body

– Allows a deeper massage manipulation of the tissues eliminating discomfort

– Cold stones can also be used on areas of inflammation and to stimulate the nervous system; when used in conjunction with the hot stones they provide a cleansing treatment


How can I try this?

Bex will be offering all participants in February’s gym challenge a chance to win a 30 minute hot stones treatment.  Winners will be picked out of a hat (1 female, 1 male) on the 28th February for a free 30 minute treatment to be booked in March.


Are there any circumstances in which I cannot have a treatment?

There are several contraindicated conditions for hot stones treatments so if you have any questions then get in touch with Bex.

Conditions that prevent treatments:

-Pregnancy (although we do offer pregnancy massage here too!)

-Blood thinning medication

-Infectious skin conditions

Bex is now offering hot (and cold-optional!) stones massage treatments at Better Body Group Sevenoaks so if you need a deep; relaxing treatment that also heats through those cold winter blues then give us a call.