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The ultimate in strength and conditioning. This class combines high-intensity indoor bike training and functional resistance training. Set in our immersive studio, you begin with 25 minutes of Spinning. Driven by the cadence of the music and our exercise specialist, the real world will fade away leaving just you, the bike and the beat. Once your heart and lungs are pounding, it’s time to sculpt an undeniably strong physique. This revolution in fitness is guaranteed to drop that dopamine hit and leave you feeling unstoppable.


Focusing on the fundamentals of human movement. Strengthen your body using Kettlebells, Suspension Trainers, and your own weight as resistance. Form a functional, lean and balanced physique using scientific evidence-based exercises. A perfect mix of movements to induce a metabolic after-burn and reap the benefits of exercise long after the cool-down. Fortify your body, fortify your mind.


Combat based conditioning. A combination of bag work, pad work and compound bodyweight exercises to formulate a fierce fighting machine. Mixing up Boxing and Thai-kickboxing strikes will lift your heartrate, and extinguish your stress levels. Lean physiques are inevitable as well as a new found sense of confidence and self-worth.

Road Rage

Indoor bike and combat training collide in this violent revolution in fitness. After beginning with 25 minutes spinning, it’s time to don the gloves and smash away any aggression.

Pure Revolution

For those cycle enthusiasts. A 45 minute Spin experience like no other.

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