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Can I still exercise whilst I’m injured?
I have been told to improve my health through exercise but where do I to start?
I am so nervous and anxious about joining a gym, who do I go to?
Personal training is too tough for me with my medical history…

Does this sound familiar to you?



Why don’t you come and speak to one of our specialists in prescriptive exercise to get the answers?

We provide safe exercise direction for those of you with conditions that require a greater level of expertise, knowledge and attention than that offered by traditional health and fitness providers. Your rehabilitation specialists will understand your needs as a client before starting any exercise and assigning you to the team member best suited to guide you through your progression.

It is extremely frustrating when an injury just does not seem to improve no matter what you try, the trouble is that the focus is usually only directed to the injury itself, rather than looking at the rest of the body and determining what might be the root cause of the problem.


Firstly – we will work alongside your current practitioner and will even encourage you to see a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, this will give you two great minds, instead of one, working with each other which will rid you of any confusing and contradicting information.

Secondly – we will take the diagnosis of your injury and translate it into a more functional movement sense, focussing on improving your overall movement patterns to give you pain relief. We know through research that each joint does not function in isolation, there are a lot of components which come together to create an individual movement, we also know that each joint is connected to the next. This means that when one action is produced there is a chain reaction throughout the rest of the body. Therefore if something at one end of the chain is not functioning in the right way, the structures at the other end of the chain will be affected.

Thirdly – we will support you throughout your whole journey between the first stages of rehabilitation and returning to normal daily function. The aim of our prescriptive exercise specialist department is to bridge the gap between diagnosis/hands on treatment and fully functional/pain free daily living. There is a big grey area in current practice whereby the fantastic work done by physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors alike is a little capped and restricted by the fact that you are left to your own devices for rehabilitation and exercise. That is where we come in, we will take you through the rehabilitation of an injury, we will give you the confidence to use the gym by making you part of our family and we will provide safe and effective exercise guidance. In a nutshell, we can answer your questions and bring clarity to your exercise program, taking away the doubt and confusion of what to do next. We will ensure things are taken at a pace that suits you and we will work closely with the other medical or rehabilitation professionals already helping you to give you the best results.


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